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Study in Canada: Kick start your educational journey

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Regarding studying abroad, Canada has the tenth largest GDP in the world, with a nominal GDP of 17.3 Trillion Dollars. As for per capita income, Canada’s GDP is ranked 20th globally, and GDP-PPP is ranked 17th.

There are numerous opportunities for students to find jobs after graduation. These are one of the few reasons why Canada is a popular choice among students. There are also many perks that students enjoy along with graduating in the country, like:

  • Globally Acclaimed Institutes.

  • It has an enriching multicultural environment.

  • Affordable living costs and college tuition fees.

  • Ample work opportunities for part-time and post-college jobs.

  • Excellent quality of life.

  • After graduation, you can get a work visa without much hassle.

The top courses that are offered in Canada are:

  • Business studies

  • Computer Science/IT

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Medicare and Healthcare

  • Engineering

  • Biotechnology

  • and Life Sciences

There is no requirement for a GRE score, but some colleges require a minimum of 7.0 overall IELTS score. This is why students opt for Canada over any other country. Many believe this choice will help them with the Canadian permanent residency card or a sound, high-paying job.

At Edudha, we believe in helping students with their choices and trying and make them come true. So, contact us today and book free counseling to step towards your dream college.

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