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Admissions to Ivy League Universities

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Everyone dreams about getting into the perfect college, and often those perfect institutions are the Ivy League Universities of The USA. These colleges held a high place among other colleges worldwide because of their excellent quality of education, environment, learning opportunities, facilities, and many more things. Many famous figures in the world are alums of these colleges. Therefore, it raises the expectation from students to be the best of the best. Selectors are very careful in their selection process of students around the world. Many measures are considered while selecting from thousands of applications that make their way to them yearly.

Now, we are going to discuss the standard selection criteria that are required of the students who are applying for admission to the Ivy League. But, before making our way to the admission process, we should know which universities fall under these categories. The name of the Ivy Leagues Universities is as follows:

  • Harvard University (Massachusetts)

  • Yale University (Connecticut)

  • Princeton University (New Jersey)

  • Columbia University (New York)

  • Brown University (Rhode Island)

  • Dartmouth College (New Hampshire)

  • University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)

  • Cornell University (New York)

Studying for an Ivy League is more than just a qualification. They ensure a person’s lifelong success; for that to happen, you have to be exceptional in many fields, not just in your studies.

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