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Edudha: A helping hand to reach your dream College Abroad

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Edudha is helping many students make their foreign studies dream come true by assisting them in many ways, from college selection and admissions to scholarships. Edudha was established based on a dream that Edudha’s Founder and CEO, Ms. Sangeeta Roychoudhuri, had once dreamed of. Her wish to study abroad was not fulfilled so quickly because, at that time, there were not many platforms available to help or assist students in this field. Although, she got admission to the Haas Institute of Management, The University of California, Berkeley, based on her hard work and determination later. But after she finished her studies, she thought of an idea for a platform where students could get help quickly without wandering or confusing too much in the wrong direction. Hence, Edudha was formed.

Today it is an excellent platform for all kinds of students from any stream or background to get assistance in admission to the right college abroad. Here at Edudha, the students are provided with a free counseling sessions. If they show further interest, they are provided with excellent assistance to acquire admission to the right college based on their qualifications and needs. Not only that, but Edudha also offers end-to-end support for parents and students and provides students with annual tuition fee assistance. One of the unique features of Edudha is that they provide Edudha Scholarships to deserving candidates too.

Therefore, if you want to make your dreams a reality, contact us today.

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