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Global education isn’t a daydream anymore, and Edudha is here to make your journey easier and the destination even better!

Whether you are a Student, who giddily dreams about roaming the corridors of Ivy League Universities or a Parent, striving to provide the best quality education to your child, the most prestigious educational institutions in the world are like  assortment of desserts! And, imagine you have to choose just one!!! At Edudha, we help you choose that one, wisely & without having any regrets!              


This is where the counselling in education comes to your rescue! Helping you navigate the vast seas of Global Education and allowing you to choose, what is the best for you, is what we at Edudha specialise in.

All About Edudha

Edudha, a start-up composed of uninhibited Indian dreamers, striving to ensure that global education is not an unachievable daydream but a sweet reality for young students in the country. 


We strongly believe that an international experience and a higher education abroad can provide better prospects for the future, career-wise, and have a lasting influence on one’s mindset and worldview. Edudha believes that no student should be restricted by circumstances or aspirations to be deprived of such an enriching experience. We help give wings to your dreams and let them soar high into the sky by helping you find the perfect college for yourself! With our experience, feedback from international students, and a team of seasoned experts, Edudha is committed to going above and beyond to open a whole new horizon of opportunities for you!

Our Vision

To Be The Change Agent to The World of Admissions Services, Guiding Indian Students Finding Their Educational Pursuits Around The World & Overseas Students, in India!

Our Mission

Standing by the 5 Pillars - Engagement, Transparency, Transformation, Trust & Togetherness, our Sole Aim is to Guide All the Young Minds Craft Bright Futures for Themselves, with Highest Aspirations & Most Far-fetched Purposes.

Our Growing Team

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