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Vocational Courses at Edudha Academy

At Edudha Academy, we are a team of dedicated and experienced trainers specializing in designing and delivering engaging and effective training programs that empower employees to reach their full potential. With a cumulative experience of over 150 years in content creation, subject matter expertise, decision making, problem solving, and team building, our expert team is equipped to tackle diverse training needs.

Integrity, excellence, and collaboration are at the core of our values. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, providing top-quality service, and fostering a culture of teamwork and mutual respect. Our holistic approach to training integrates cutting-edge methodologies with practical, real-world applications, ensuring that learning extends beyond the classroom. At Edudha Academy, we transform training into a dynamic and impactful experience.

Interior Design

GIID , Pune

George Institute of Interior Design (GIID) in Pune is a part of the esteemed George Telegraph Training Institute, which has been a pillar of vocational education since 1920, we are committed to tackling India's unemployment challenges.


For 104 years, we have provided affordable, high-quality training to young individuals with modest means and potential. Our mission is to empower and nurture skilled human resources. Join us in this transformative venture into interior design education and help shape a brighter future.

Image Consulting

Discover the transformative world of image consulting with Edudha Academy! Our comprehensive courses are designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to enhance personal and professional images.


Guided by industry experts, our curriculum covers everything from personal styling and wardrobe management to body language and communication skills. At Edudha Academy, we blend cutting-edge techniques with practical insights, ensuring our students emerge as confident and proficient image consultants. Join us and elevate your expertise in the art of image management!

Portrait with Glasses

Corporate Training

Unlock your team's full potential with Edudha Academy's corporate training and team-building courses! Our expertly crafted programs focus on enhancing skills in leadership, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration. Guided by experienced trainers, we use innovative methodologies and interactive activities to foster a cohesive and motivated workforce.


Whether you're looking to strengthen your team's dynamics or develop essential corporate skills, Edudha Academy provides the tools and insights to drive success. Join us and transform your workplace into a hub of excellence and teamwork!

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